Dock & Shoreline Permitting in Western Montana

Shoreline Permitting

All Western Montana Counties and Tribal Jurisdiction have some form Dock & Shoreline Permitting and Shoreline Protection Regulation, generally along navigable water, generally measured from full pool land 20’ or more depending of the local Governing Body’s Regulation. This area is carefully reviewed to maintain adjacent water quality, while preserving visual impacts from the water and land. This review includes land usage, vegetative planting, and all construction or groundbreaking activity.

We assist in acquisition of Dock & Shorelines Permits for docks, boat lifts, boat houses, and boat retrieval rail systems; walkways, patio areas, and landscaping. This permitting involves land slope gradient, soil stability, existing and planned imperious surfaces, storm water management plans, storm waters must not allowed to carry nutrients into State or Federal waters. Shoreline Protection permit area, is also review dock headlands that touch shore.

Many riparian permitting area include the lake bed, this introduces yet more review agents, if the water is considered navigable (history of commerce use) Review will include the Army Corps of Engineers, in some boat retrieval rail system, crib docks, retaining walls (seawall) In some cases extreme case, water bars have been permitted.

Dock & Shoreline Permitting can involve County Regulations as well as Tribal (in certain circumstances) if the Dock is to be crib in nature this could also involve Army Corps of Engineering review. All Governing Bodies, including CS & KT have regulations regarding dock construction , size, and construction. We assist with the acquisition of dock permits by assisting in design and making application to all the applicable Regulatory and cross Regulatory Agencies.

We facilitated engineering work and review from in house and out house retained sources in conjunction with the various permitting Governmental agencies.

We work with a variety of reputable construction firms with design location and the ascetic elements of waterfront improvements. We have been active in this are of permitting for 20 plus years. In house Planning Director Earl Hanneman, will take you needs, direct our survey crews to obtain mapping bases to allow a design the design to meet your needs.

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