Land Divisions & Subdivisions

Land Divisions:

The further division of a Tract of record into other parcels or lots to become record and convey title to others.


Subdivision review is a formalized process of dividing property in which the impacts of the division are reviewed and mitigated by the land divider or developer.


Subdivision Exempt divisions (Montana) are divisions of land that need not see the same scrutiny for Subdivision, for instance, in certain circumstances property can be divided to transfer a portion to an immediate family member. Or divisions made to settle issues of common ownership, for instance, some inheritance or divorcement when the property was held commonly between individuals.  Boundary Line Adjustment is an adjustment made between existing Tracts and no new tract is thereby created.

Land Use

Used to define a current or future activity planned for a certain property, this may result in a process of division, or a permitting process to gain the necessary permits to use the property as desired. This can also define Zoning Conformance, a review and documentation of proposed activity to demonstrate the activity agreeing with applicable zoning. Also a definition of pursuing  a permit process for lake docks, marinas, or shoreline activity.